How To Find Medical Writers From Freelance Marketplace
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How To Find Medical Writers From Freelance Marketplace

If you work in medical or healthcare industries, such as pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals, researchers, or biotechnology companies, you may frequently require medical writing tasks. But completing the tasks within the deadline becomes difficult in your busy schedule. It would be a great help if you have a helping hand who solves or leverages these […]

Grant Writing

SBIR and STTR grant writers for small businesses

Small businesses, contact us for help planning, writing and submitting your SBIR or STTR grant proposal. Our team of writers has written hundreds of grant proposals. We can also guide you on creating specific aims, help with finding a suitable PI for your research project and more. Use our SBIR / STTR grant writers to […]

What Do Medical Writers Do
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Who Are Medical Writers and What Do Medical Writers Do?

Medical writing is a vital component of the healthcare industry, serving as a bridge between the medical community and the general public. Medical writers play a crucial role in the development, dissemination, and communication of scientific and medical information. In this blog post, we will explore who are medical writers and what medical writers do, […]

Supplements Formulations Test Batch of Supplements

Gummy Formulators: Natural, Vegan, Sugar-free

Gummy multivitamins and other gummy supplements are a $1 billion industry currently. The industry is rapidly growing and will get to several billion quickly. To expand your current supplement brand, gummy products are the way to go. Having experienced gummy formulators are a must if you have never made gummies before. Big supplement brands like […]


Get Health and Medical Consultation from The Med Writers

In today’s world, healthcare has become more complex and specialized than ever before. Medical treatments, technologies, and research are rapidly evolving, making it challenging for individuals to stay informed and make informed decisions about their health. This is where health and medical consultation services come in, providing individuals with access to experienced healthcare professionals who […]

How to Write Content That Ranks
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How to Write Content That Ranks on Search Engines?

Everyone wants their content to rank at the top of Google searches. But so few people can do it. Marketers all say that it’s all about keyword research and picking keywords with high search traffic and low competition. But you’ve probably don’t know how to write content that ranks. Your content is stuffed with keywords, […]

Can You Really Find a Great Science Writer for Five Dollars
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Can You Really Find A Great Science Writer for Five Dollars?

Can you really find a great science writer for five dollars? The simple answer to that question is: NO, you cannot find a great science writer for five dollars! Sure, there are sites out there, such as Fiverr, that are advertising science writing services or medical writing services for five dollars; but if what you […]

Grant And Manuscript Success Secrets Of Top Biomedical PIs
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Grant and Manuscript Success Secrets of Top Biomedical PIs

Some labs publish new papers every month and get millions in grant money. How do they do it? No, it’s not that those PIs work more than you do! So what’re then the secrets of successful grants and manuscripts of top biomedical PIs? The answer is, they possess skills like having a clear research plan, […]

Sickle cell drug marketing
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Sickle Cell Drug Marketing Obstacles and Solutions for New Drug

Are you going to launch a new Sickle cell drug on the market? There are some obstacles to marketing it. A new marketing strategy can be helpful for marketing Sickle cell drugs. July 2017 marked the first FDA approval of a sickle cell drug in 20 years. The product is called Endari, which is made […]