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In my medical writing company, I only hire writers with a medical degree – PhD, MD, ND, DC etc. These writers all are in or have been in a position where they have done research or dealt with treating patients’ health problems firsthand. That makes them better able to understand the client’s work that needs to be written about.  I’ve found that medical and scientific writers like journalists without hands-on scientific experience are seldom as effective and sometimes frustrate the client because they don’t really understand what the client is experiencing.

The way we assign our project within the company is

  • Scientific-related projects are worked on by experienced biomedical scientists with a PhD
  • Medical projects are worked on by experienced MDs
  • Naturopathic or herbal projects are worked on by experienced NDs (naturopathic doctors)
  • Physical therapy or chiropractic projects are worked on by experienced DCs (chiropractors)

If you have a medical writing project you need help with, email us at info@themedwriters.com or call as 1-866-GET-WRITING now.