A new or updated safety policy manual is necessary to keep yourself and your employees safe

What is a coronavirus safety policy manual?

A coronavirus or COVID-19 employee safety policy manual is a document that you distribute to your employees outlining procedures for preventing the spread of COVID while at work. It can be an add-on to your existing safety policy manual. Or it can be a stand-alone document. It goes over all the necessary steps to staying safe and healthy at work or while out on business for the company.

You value your employees and need to keep them and yourself healthy and safe.

If your business is unable to run remotely or virtually, then having a new safety policy in place is essential. Your old safety policy will not cut it for preventing the spread of coronavirus. Get a new employee safety policy in place right away, rather than in weeks or months.

This COVID employee safety policy manual is general enough to be used for any type of business in any industry.

It follows all OSHA and CDC guidelines and relevant laws.

What you get with your purchase:

  • Ready-to-use PDF version of the 6-page policy manual with pictures and diagrams
  • Editable Microsoft Word version of the policy manual on which you can put your company name and logo, and edit however you want

Do you need a customized policy manual?

Our writers who are medical scientists and doctors are available to edit and customize the policy manual to be tailored exactly to your company. The price for customizing is dependent on how many changes you need. Customization can be completed as quickly as 1 business day.

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You value your employees. This is a great way to show them you care about their safety.

It’s a well-known fact that employees perform better when they know that their employer cares about them and values the contribution they make. We are living in unprecedented times; the face of workplace safety has changed forever. Your employees want to know that their safety is more important to you than the “bottom line.” And let’s face it, there will be no “bottom line” if you don’t have happy, healthy employees. Therefore, you need to update your safety policy to reflect current conditions.

Worldwide, only 15% of employees are engaged with their work.

Do not let your team fall into the other 85% because they are busy worrying about their healthy and safety with the coronavirus pandemic.

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.

Listen to your employees! They are scared and panicked about getting COVID-19.

You cannot afford to have employee turnover at a time like this.

96% of employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention

Let your employees know that you understand they are scared about their health right now.

Ensure your company is fully compliant with CDC and OSHA guidelines regarding COVID and employee safety.

You do not want any employees filing complaints about dangerous working conditions.

Your New COVID Employee Safety Manual Covers Dealing With:

Office layout
Crowded working spaces
Correct use of gloves
Correct use of face masks
And so much more

Get this in the hands of your staff and contractors TODAY!

Who We Are And Why We Made This

The Med Writers are a team of PhD-level medical scientists and medical doctors who write marketing and technical documents for our clients in the healthcare, pharma, biotech, medical device, dietary supplement and health and wellness industries. As soon as the COVID pandemic started affecting businesses, our clients started asking for us to write safety policies for their companies. We knew there is a need beyond just the medical industry. Our desire is for business owners to keep their employees safe while keeping their businesses running. We are happy to help by providing an instant solution to this business problem. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Stay safe and healthy!