Top 45 Biomedical Journals for Quick Publication

The field of biomedical science is enormous and it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the right journal for each manuscript. Research has become such a fast-paced and competitive environment that rapid publication of experimental findings is necessary.  Choosing the wrong journal can lead to many months of lost time if the submission is rejected. […]

The Ultimate Guide for Medical Manuscript Writing

Medical writing can be overwhelming, but there are some tried-and-true techniques and creative tips that can dramatically simplify the process. We mined the literature for strategies plus revealed some tricks from our seasoned writers to help you get your manuscript written and published. In this document we focused our attention on manuscripts since they are […]

Zoom Fatigue: Avoiding Burnout from Video Calls

Introduction COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, brought with it many changes to our daily lives, but one unexpected change for many people included a significant increase in Zoom video calls. Zoom has allowed people to maintain employment by working from home and staying connected during these trying times. But this rapid increase in the number […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 Overview, Medications and Prevention

The world is in panic, somewhat rightly so. A lot is being written about coronavirus, but not all of it is accurate. Here is some of the lesser-known information and some perspective you may not read in many other places. It includes the only all-inclusive guide to using supplements for prevention or treatment of the […]

Why your business needs online content in 2020

Some pharma, biotech, medical device, healthcare, supplement, and health & wellness companies do not think they need online content because of their sales model. I challenge even referral-based businesses to reconsider and get some online content via landing pages, blog articles, videos, case studies, reviews, and social media posts. This is not meant to bring […]

Recently awarded Army 4 year contract

This year, our team has expanded significantly to meet our clients’ needs. We will continue expanding to service a new Army contract we were recently awarded and an NIH contract we were awarded last year. Our new federal contract with the DoD Army MEDCOM is a 4-year contract for providing grant and manuscript writing and […]

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