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Mental Health Chatbots: Why Content Matters

Why Content for Mental Health Chatbots is Important in 2021

Mental health used to be taboo. While much work still needs to be done to reduce stigma, many strides have been made. Advancements in both acceptance and treatment benefit a huge sector of the population. Consider this: 1 in 4 American adults lives with a diagnosable mental health disorder each year. The demand for care […]

10 tips for brainstorming healthcare blog topics

10 tips for brainstorming healthcare blog topics

You definitely need to create content for your medical website. But brainstorming healthcare blog topics can be tough. Everyone knows you can’t build a strong online presence without a blog. And that a well-written blog helps you connect with your target audience by providing healthcare information they want and need. But publishing valuable, interesting posts […]

effective personalized healthcare marketing strategies

6 Effective Personalized Marketing Strategies in Healthcare Industry

What is Personalized Marketing in Healthcare Industry? In today’s competitive healthcare industry, personalized healthcare marketing plays a big role in determining the success of a medical organization. Personalized marketing is businesses delivering messages to new and existing customers about their exact current concerns. It is all about talking to people about what they want to […]

P’s of Healthcare Marketing

Using the 7 Essential P’s of Healthcare Marketing to Attract Patients and Build Loyalty

Stand out from your competition by using the P’s of healthcare marketing: product, price, place, promotion, patients, packaging, positioning. The goal is not only to attract new patients by piquing their interest but also to build trust and nurture existing relationships. Healthcare marketing now centers on the quality of treatment offered to the patient. Additionally, […]

Healthcare Video Marketing Ideas to Get Traffic to Your Site

7 Powerful Healthcare Video Marketing Ideas

Your business or institution needs healthcare video marketing. Videos as a marketing tool have been extensively used in the healthcare sector effectively. Add healthcare video marketing into your plans, strategies, or goals. Videos can be easy to record and upload, and useful for growing the business. Online videos have now gained an important place in […]

5 must-have pediatric website features

5 must-have pediatric website features

All parents want the best for their children. From the safest car seats to the most nutritious snacks, parents scrutinize every option before making a decision. Choosing a pediatric doctor or hospital is no exception. In fact, selecting a healthcare provider for their kids is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. […]