Medical Writing

Every healthcare marketing executive knows the value of good content and plans to invest in more content for their organization. Yet, knowing how to create that good content is so elusive for most of them. To help with that, here are some simple strategies for creating good healthcare content that gets traffic. This isn’t just the same old strategy of sharing other people’s content. This is the stuff that gets pages to the top of Google searches.

Healthcare marketing hack #1: Repurpose old content

Every piece of content doesn’t have to be brand new. Look at your analytics and see which pages have gotten the most traffic. These are the topics that your audience is most interested in. Take the info on those pages and try to repurpose that content with the help of a professional medical copywriter — for instance:

  • Rewrite it into new articles
  • summarize it into an infographic
  • expand it into a white paper or free report
  • create social media posts based on it.

Healthcare marketing hack #2: Answer patients’ questions and complaints

Most healthcare organizations have a system for patients to submit feedback. Access that feedback that has been submitted and use it as topics for new content. Email your patient database with a survey asking what healthcare questions they have that they would like answered and then use those questions as topics for new content. This is a great healthcare email marketing strategy to collect topic ideas.

Healthcare marketing hack #3: Make simple videos

When most healthcare marketing executives think of videos, they envision having expensive videographers shooting and editing a video. While those polished advertisements are nice, that’s not what I’m talking about here. Something interesting or groundbreaking happens in your organization every day. For example, doctors are trying new techniques, seeing rare diseases, curing diseases and healing sick people. Secondly, they are also giving seminars, lectures, presentations, and classes. Thirdly, patients want to tell their stories of how they were seen, healed or counseled. Record clips of it all on your smartphone, edit with free software like Microsoft Movie Maker or iMovie and post it on your organization’s blog. Just be cognizant of patient privacy laws when recording patients. So, be sure to have any patients you record sign a consent and release form.

Hopefully, these ideas were helpful. But if your marketing department needs some help with creating content or a content strategy, please contact us.