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Author Bio

Dr. Karen Vieira, a distinguished scholar and visionary entrepreneur, holds a Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences from the prestigious University of Florida College of Medicine, where she specialized in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

She also completed a Master of Science in Management and a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology. She has many years of corporate experience with a Fortune 50 company.

Dr. Karen Vieira has 20 years of medical & scientific writing experience. She is trained in medical writing, science writing, technical writing, copywriting, grant writing and NLP writing. Dr. Karen Vieira owns The Med Writers, is an author and speaker.

The Med Writers formed in 2007, writes content for medical and scientific clients in the fields of pharmaceutical, healthcare, supplement, and biotech. The Med Writers writes capability statements and proposals for many companies.

In her role as the owner of ThemedWriters.com, Dr. Karen Vieira has transformed the landscape of medical writing With a solid foundation in scientific research and a passion for communication.

Her ability to distill complex scientific concepts into accessible, engaging content has positioned her as a sought-after authority in the field. Whether it's breaking down intricate medical research or communicating the latest advancements, Dr. Vieira's writing serves as a bridge that connects experts and the general public.

Dr. Vieira started her career doing lab research on E.coli then conducting research on sickle cell disease patients in the Grady Hospital Sickle Cell Center in Atlanta, GA. From there, she moved on to doing laboratory-based gene therapy research for sickle cell disease. Since she too has the genetic disease, helping with sickle cell has been her life-long passion.

She has laboratory and clinical research experience both in academia and industry. After leaving academic research, she worked with the largest food company in America. As a senior research scientist at Kraft Foods, she did nutritional research to discover new health benefits of existing food ingredients and natural compounds.

Her project areas included bone health, diabetes, cognitive health and muscle health. While there, she also started a comprehensive cell culture research project, a first of its kind there, discovering and prioritizing novel and emerging food ingredients for health and wellness using cell culture studies. This project later became part of a $10 million joint venture with a Nobel prize laureate. She started The Med Writers, a medical and scientific writing company, to help researchers get published easier by writing for them and to help companies get the Google rank they want by writing credible informational content for their websites.

They have worked on projects for companies like Abbott, Belkin, Dole, Johnson & Johnson, Meijer Pharmacy, Merck, Omega XL, Pfizer, Sechrist, ShopRite Pharmacy, just to name a few. The Med Writers is comprised of a team of writers that are doctorate-level medical scientists, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and chiropractic doctors, bringing credibility and their depth of experience to clients’ projects.

MakeASupplement.com, another brainchild of Dr. Karen Vieira, reflects her entrepreneurial spirit and drive to innovate. It formulates new dietary supplement blends for clients in the supplement industry, ensuring safety and efficacy; all this is done through our sister company, Make A Supplement.

The business is federally certified as an 8(a), WOSB, MOSB and EDWOSB and state-certified as a WBE, MBE, and SBE in Florida.

Dr. Vieira’s charisma and knowledge have led to her winning many awards over the years. These include being SBA Miami’s 2018 Woman Owner Small Business Person of the Year, a finalist in the 2017 Xcelerate Wellington 2.0’s Homegrown People’s Choice Award, being selected as a 2016 SBA Emerging Leaders participant, winning the University of Florida Medical Guild research presentation, winning the Florida Tech Tri-Beta research presentation and being a Howard Hughes science grant recipient for an internship at Emory University.

As an international student with limited access to scholarship and grant money, plus zero access to student loans, Dr Karen completed all 3 of her degrees solely with scholarship, grant and fellowship money, plus working in the food and telemarketing industries to support herself. The tenacity which she approached school with, enrolling in a doctorate and an MBA program concurrently, is the same way she approaches everything in life.

Her work has been published in many medical journals such as Nucleic Acids Research, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Nutrition Journal, Annals of General Psychiatry and International Archives of Medicine.

She is a general health, cancer and weight loss coach, often volunteering her time to help people with their health conditions using dietary and lifestyle changes plus dietary supplements. With her experience as a sickle cell patient and a sickle cell gene therapy researcher, she frequently volunteers for various sickle cell organizations.

You can check out some medical related writing examples and see the excellent reviews on our written articles from testimonials.

Dr. Karen Vieira shared lots of podcasts, medical articles & videos. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares medical writing-related videos. Youtube Channel Name: The Med Writers. Also, anyone can visit her website to know more details about Dr Karen Vieira. Website: karenvieira.com

Dr. Karen is also an editor of a book on Amazon named Moringa - The Ultimate Guide: Prevent 300 + diseases.

As a scholar, entrepreneur, and mentor, she continues to inspire individuals to leverage their skills and passions to make a lasting impact on both scientific discourse and business innovation.

Finally have to say, With each endeavor, Dr. Karen Vieira continues to redefine the boundaries of knowledge dissemination and entrepreneurial success.