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    Medical writing solutions for pharmaceutical, scientific, clinical, marketing, research documents or manuscripts

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    Professional Writing for the Biomedical Lab or Clinical Research & Healthcare Industry

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    Our team of writers are biomedical scientists, doctors and naturopathic doctors and can write authoritatively for your audience.

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    Nationally recognized for excellence in medical research writing

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    SBA Miami’s Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year 2018
    We’ve been in business over 13 years
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    The Med Writers are very responsive, prompt, organized, professional, and friendly. It has truly been a pleasure to work with them. They have a vast professional network that has been able to successfully accomplish all of our project ideas thus far. I look forward to seeing what other projects we can accomplish together!

    Kristin Dupre, Ph.D.
    Scientific Content & Communication Strategist, Office of Scientific
    Liaison, National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke, National
    Institutes of Health, US Department of Health & Human Services
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    Medical Writing For Marketing

    Our medical writing service team offer various types of medical marketing writing. Some types of marketing writing projects we do are:

    Web content

    Web pages

    Blog posts




    Social media posts

    Video scripts

    White papers



    …and more.

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    Technical Medical Writing

    Our writers do these various types of technical medical writing:






    Clinical trial outreach

    Conference posters

    Grant applications

    Continuing medical education

    …and more.

    Writing For Government

    We have past peformance with medical writing for government.

    U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS)
    National Institute of Health (NIH)
    Department of Defense (DoD)
    U.S. Army

    8(a) until 2026

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    Our Executive Team

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    PhD in Biomedical Sciences, MS in Management, previous senior scientist at Kraft Foods. Over 20 years of medical and scientific writing experience.



    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and a member of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health in London, UK.

    Claudine Motto


    20 years of corporate and private management experience, focused on the areas of systems and organizational leadership.



    10 years experience at The Med Writers managing medical and writing projects. Andrea is your first line of communication with The Med Writers and will make sure our team delivers excellence.

    See the Entire Team

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