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Science Writing That Sells. By Doctors. For People.

Versatile and experienced team of biomedical scientists, doctors, naturopaths and chiropractors who are medical writers and consultants available to help you and lend our credibility to your projects.

See why we were given a 96% client satisfaction ranking by Dunn & Bradstreet…


Choose the box below that most closely describes you and let our medical writers wow you.

Medical writers to help marketers and web designers

Marketer or Web Designer

Medical writing, content or copy


Medical writers to help corporate researchers and scientists

Biotech, Supplement or Food Company

Online and offline marketing pieces


Medical writers to help professors and independent researchers

Scientist Or Researcher

Writing/editing manuscripts or reports


Medical scientists to formulate, endorse and make test batches of supplements

Supplement Formulator

Develop/make changes to a formulation


Medical writers to help federal and state researchers with literature searches and writing

Government Buyers

Literature searches/medical writing