Writing NIH grant applications can be intimidating, especially if your recent grant applications didn’t get funded, and even more so if the submission deadline is fast approaching.

It is also quite time-consuming. Nonetheless, it needs to get done and get done well, because you need the funding to continue your research. Get the help of experienced NIH grant writers rather than doing it yourself.

Why Choose Us for NIH Grant Applications?

Choose The Med Writer‘s professional medical writer team has extensive experience writing NIH grant applications and medical research grant proposals.

The success rate of the NIH grant is very less and expertise in this area is very much necessary otherwise your all hard work to get a fund will be lost. That’s where we came in to rescue.

In addition to writing and editing NIH grant writing for clients, as a team of Ph.D. scientists, we have all written NIH grant writing to get funding for our own academic research at some point. Hence, we know the NIH grant writing process inside out. We can handle everything for you.

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Our NIH Grant Applications Writing Process

If you are fortunate enough to have a flexible deadline and are just thinking about writing a new NIH grant application but are not yet sure which NIH grant would be best suited to your project, we can help you to identify the best one.

Once we get to the actual writing of the NIH grant application, you will send us all the papers and data you have and we will ask questions as they arise; however, you won’t need to hold our hands through the process. We realize that our clients – professors, post-docs, doctors, and healthcare centers – are very busy, and don’t have time to hold a writer’s hand, and should not have to.

Does the NIH grant that you want to apply for have a fast-approaching submission deadline? No problem! Our NIH grant writing and editing experts can turn it around fast. Contact us now with details of your NIH grant application and let us get started today. Our email is info@themedwriters.com. We look forward to helping you.