This is an interview from November 17th, 2016. The company owner, Dr. Karen Vieira was interviewed by WBTV from Boca Raton, Florida after just graduating from the Florida State University Jim Moran Institute Small Business Executive Program. The FSU JMI SBEP is a 5 month program, where small business owners spend a full day twice per month in seminars and discussions on topics like sales, marketing, HR, legal, finance, IT and more. Participants are required to create a strategic plan for their businesses during the program and present that plan to their peers on graduation day. It is a free but extremely valuable program for small businesses. Dr. Vieira is a graduate of the first JMI SBEP held in Palm Beach County.

Although she was sick, as you can hear from her strained voice, she showed up for the final class in order to graduate. Follow through is key in life and in business!