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Gummy Formulators: Natural, Vegan, Sugar-free

Gummy multivitamins and other gummy supplements are a $1 billion industry currently. The industry is rapidly growing and will get to several billion quickly. To expand your current supplement brand, gummy products are the way to go. Having experienced gummy formulators are a must if you have never made gummies before. Big supplement brands like […]

FDA Warning Letter for Your Supplement Company
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How Medical Writer Helps After You Get an FDA Warning Letter for Your Supplement Company?

What is an FDA warning letter? FDA warning letter is a formal letter from the Food and Drug Association (FDA) of the United States Govt. to an organization or manufacturer for violation of any rules related to federally regulated activity. Being issued an FDA warning letter can be hugely damaging for any company. What is the […]

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Digital Fatigue: Avoiding Burnout from Remote Work and Digital Transitioning

Introduction Digital fatigue or as it’s playfully referred to as “Zoom Fatigue” is a direct result of professionals shifting their time from traditional activities to remote and purely digital experiences on a daily basis. COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Along with it, many changes to our daily lives, but one unexpected change for […]

How to Find a Good Supplement Manufacturer

How to Find a Good Supplement Manufacturer

Dietary supplements have become a multi-billion-dollar industry, with supplement formulations available to help with just about anything, from losing weight to boosting cognitive function to controlling diabetes, and everything in between. If you are going to start a supplement company, first you need to find a professional supplement formulator. Then you need to find a […]

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Create A Test Batch Of Your Supplement

You have a great idea for a dietary supplement that can help lots of people with a disease, health condition, their general health, or even just to help them live better, look better or feel better. Now you approach supplement manufacturing companies to produce it and find out that the minimum order size is in […]

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There is no doubt that the supplement market is booming, which is why you’ve decided to get a piece of the action and formulate your own supplement or supplement line. In such a saturated market though, you may be looking for a way to get an edge over the competition. To accomplish this, companies determine […]

Why Supplement marketing is important to boost your business
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Supplement Marketing – Don’t Miss the Marketing Opportunity That the New Year Brings!

With the start of the new year many people are devoted to making some healthy lifestyle changes and most want to see immediate results. That’s where YOU come in. Why Do You Need to consider Supplement marketing in the First Place? You have developed a supplement formulation or formulations that you believe will really help […]

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Formulating Your First Supplement Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

You recognize that the supplement market is sizzling right now and you want a piece of that pie. You’ve come up with a great idea for your first supplement, but where do you go from there? Any successful business owner will tell you that in order to get your new business off to a great […]

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How To Find A Reputable Doctor To Endorse Your Company’s Supplements

Is your new supplement formulation not getting the sales that you expected it would? A doctor endorsement for your supplement may be just what you need to help convince your potential customers that your product is safe and effective, and therefore worth their hard-earned money. But where do you find a reputable doctor to endorse […]