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    |February 26, 2023|

    Gummy multivitamins and other gummy supplements are a $1 billion industry currently. The industry is rapidly growing and will get to several billion quickly. To expand your current supplement brand,

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    What is an FDA warning letter? FDA warning letter is a formal letter from the Food and Drug Association (FDA) of the United States Govt. to an organization or manufacturer

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    Introduction Digital fatigue or as it's playfully referred to as "Zoom Fatigue" is a direct result of professionals shifting their time from traditional activities to remote and purely digital experiences

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    There is no doubt that the supplement market is booming, which is why you’ve decided to get a piece of the action and formulate your own supplement or supplement line.

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    Is your new supplement formulation not getting the sales that you expected it would? A doctor endorsement for your supplement may be just what you need to help convince your