Often in legal cases involving issues surrounding health, medication or healthcare, hiring a medical scientist expert witness to prepare evidence and/or testify can make the difference between winning or losing the case. The doctor or medical scientist being used as the expert witness would do some literature searches in the National Library of Medicine and other databases on your specific issue and gather relevant published studies. These would then be put together to create a stance on the issue based on the findings from current medical studies.

It can be tough to find doctors or scientists willing to be an expert witness and testify in your legal case. The Med Writers offers this service. The company owner, Dr. Karen Vieira, PhD biomedical scientist, is periodically hired as an expert witness in medical legal cases. We’ve dealt with cases regarding physical health, mental health, incorrect medication and treatment, and more.

We’ve been hired by lawyers, by injured patients filing a lawsuit, by defendants and more. So no matter who you are in the case, we are willing to work with you as long as you want the facts presented – we will never “stretch” the truth for anyone. As a medical scientist expert witness you can trust our fact finding to be thorough and our testimony to be accurate and credible.

Email us now with a brief explanation of your case and what specifically you need to see if our owner Dr. Karen Vieira or another member of our team would be a good fit as a doctor or medical scientist expert witness in your legal case.