Gummy multivitamins and other gummy supplements are a $1 billion industry currently. The industry is rapidly growing and will get to several billion quickly. To expand your current supplement brand, gummy products are the way to go. Having experienced gummy formulators are a must if you have never made gummies before. Big supplement brands like Nature Made and Olly are discontinuing some of their tablet and capsule products while adding gummy products. Your company should be too. Don’t get left behind. Join your competitors like Nature Made, Centrum, Olly, First Response, Nordic Naturals, Carlson, Jarrow Formulas, and Rainbow Light.

Chewable gummy vitamins used to just be for little kids that couldn’t yet swallow capsules or pills. Now they are the choice for teens, adults, and seniors too. A large segment of the population doesn’t like taking pills or at least would take their daily vitamins more regularly if they were in the form of yummy gummies. So jump into this market. Don’t get left behind. Join us in the gummy industry.

Why Should You Hire Our Gummy Formulators?

We are professional supplement formulators having experience with regular sugar and gelatin gummies plus all the other options. Options like natural, vegan, sugar-free, reduced sugar, fiber, sour and uncoated can help differentiate your brand. While it’s a tough challenge to make a vegan gummy with no added sugar and with fiber, our gummy formulators have done it. Some of our lab-created samples are in the photos. It’s also important to consider the type of gummies you want to make.

Types of Gummy Vitamins

The industry has moved beyond just multivitamins. Now there are many types of gummy supplements on the market, like:

  • Multivitamins
  • Probiotics
  • Fruit and vegetable
  • Omega-3s
  • Sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Energy
  • Joint health
  • Heart health
  • CoQ10

There’s a lot for gummy formulators to consider when developing a new product. There’s taste, of course, but the texture is a big one too, especially if going vegan, sugar-free, and sugar alcohol-free for example. Gummy formulators are also responsible for considering ingredient costs – of course, it would be nice to be natural, sugar-free, and vegan, but if that drives the cost per bottle up too high, then it’s up to the formulators to figure out what alternatives are feasible.

No one wants to wax their gummies with “car wax” but it may be the better alternative to having lightly starched gummies if going corn-free and GMO-free. Similarly, allergen-free gummies can’t be made in starch molds, because they traditionally use corn starch.

Don’t delay in putting out your own line of gummy supplements just because there’s a lot to consider. Contact us now to get help from our gummy formulators. We’ve been working on gummy formulations for 10 years, and are happy to share our knowledge.