You have a great idea for a dietary supplement that can help lots of people with a disease, health condition, their general health, or even just to help them live better, look better or feel better. Now you approach supplement manufacturing companies to produce it and find out that the minimum order size is in the thousands. Manufacturers are for making your end product. But before you invest the money in manufacturing your product you need to create a test batch of your supplement to see if it works or how it tastes. That way you can avoid common supplement formulation mistakes and improve your supplement to a great extent.

You definitely need to create a test batch of your supplement. But how do you get one? Manufacturers are not in that business and contract labs aren’t either. That’s where we come in. Our biomedical and supplement scientists are available to make a test batch of your product for you. We can order the active and inactive ingredients or you can mail them to us. We have the equipment and expertise to make a small batch of capsules, powders, beverages, creams, shampoos and more. You give us the details – unless we formulated your supplement, in which case we already know the details intimately.

If you have a powder, beverage or food product, we can optimize for taste, color, smell, texture, etc. If you just want us to create a test batch of your supplement so you can try it out, we will make the small batch and mail it to you, regardless of where you are in the world.

Hold off going to manufacturing. Email us now and let us know the details of your new supplement so we can create the test batch of your supplement that you need in order to know that the product you’re putting out is the best it can be. We will even help you with projects that may be a little outside of our usual scope of work we described here. No matter what your product is, we can likely produce a small test batch of it and optimize it if necessary.