Biggest Mistake When Hiring Medical Writers
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Biggest Mistake When Hiring Medical Writers

Imagine handing over a critical medical project to someone who’s not quite in sync with the medical intricacies. It’s like trying to solve a complex puzzle with the wrong pieces. Now, picture a pharmaceutical company launching a game-changing drug. The key to success? Clear, accurate communication about benefits, side effects, and usage instructions. We’re diving […]

What Do Medical Writers Do
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Who are Medical Writers and What Do Medical Writers Do?

If you have a genuine interest in health and pharmaceutical, also passionate about writing then you may consider a career as a medical writer. Medical writing is a vital component of the healthcare industry, serving as a bridge between the medical community and the general public. In this blog post, we will explore who are […]

Medical Immigration Application Writers for Support Letters
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Professional Medical Immigration Application Writers for Support Letters

Immigration lawyers that prepare national interest waiver (NIW) and extraordinary ability (E11) applications for biomedical scientists need to write a support letter. To help you with that our medical immigration application writers for support letters are here. This medical immigration application support letter needs to be written simply enough that an immigration examiner can understand […]

Scientific Manuscript Editing Service
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High-Quality Professional Manuscript Editing Service

A manuscript editing service can help and save a lot of time of medical professionals. As a busy superior, you have too many things on your list.  Of course, your top priority is getting new manuscripts published!  The graduate students and post-docs are hard at work doing new studies and producing interesting data. You have […]

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8(a) EDWOSB Certified Medical Writers Federal Contractors

The Med Writers is a federal 8(a) and EDWOSB certified firm, allowing us to receive sole-source awards up to $4M. We are also a MOSB, WOSB, and SDB. Our team of Ph.D. scientists and doctors write and edit grant website content, proposals, manuscripts, articles, systematic reviews, white papers, presentations, slide decks, posters and more. Most […]

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Create A Test Batch Of Your Supplement

You have a great idea for a dietary supplement that can help lots of people with a disease, health condition, their general health, or even just to help them live better, look better or feel better. Now you approach supplement manufacturing companies to produce it and find out that the minimum order size is in […]