With the start of the new year many people are devoted to making some healthy lifestyle changes and most want to see immediate results.

That’s where YOU come in.

Why Do You Need to consider Supplement marketing in the First Place?

You have developed a supplement formulation or formulations that you believe will really help people achieve their health goals and will be a game changer for your supplement business and will blow your sales through the roof.

However, you have hesitated to put your product on the market.

No doubt, you are concerned that your big brother, the FDA, who is constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure the health claims you make about your supplement are FDA compliant, otherwise a FDA Warning Letter will shut you down before you get a running start.

So supplicant marketing is a must for healthcare marketing.

So, Why it is a valid concern?

This definitely is a valid concern, because if they deem your supplement marketing to be non-compliant with their guidelines, they can issue you a warning letter stating that  you have 15 days to make changes to your website and marketing materials to suit FDA guidelines.

And if you don’t, this could mean the banning of your supplement website, resulting in the loss of a huge portion of the U.S. market, dramatically decreasing your company’s revenue.

Your dream of boosting your supplement company’s sales through the roof and taking your company to the next level will have all but vanished. So now  you are thinking to yourself, “What can I do to solve this problem before it starts?”

Our effort to suppliment markting

That’s where WE come in.

We are formally trained in the art of writing, and are well-versed in the guidelines set up by the FDA for supplement marketing, and specialize in writing marketing content for supplement companies.

We know exactly what is required to ensure that the claims that you make about your supplement marketing are FDA compliant, so that when you start marketing your supplement.

You can focus your attention where it should be: on increasing your revenue and growing your supplement company! We’ll take care of the rest; starting from the supplement patent application writer to your marketing copywriter.

Let The Med Writers help you get the new year off to a great start!