What can you do to drive more traffic to your site? We all know about the value of SEO, but did you know that having a doctor review and approve your content actually helps with Google rank? That’s right, Google likes to see that a doctor was the author of your content.

A doctor review doesn’t just help with Google rank though. It gives your website credibility. People need to know that what they are reading came from a trustworthy source, someone who knows what they are talking about. Having a doctor as author does that.

Here at The Med Writers we have several doctoral biomedical scientists and medical doctors that are well qualified to provide a doctor review of your health-related content and be listed as author.

Our doctor reviews include the following:

  1. Fact checking – we will go through your content to make sure that all of the information is correct. We won’t just rely on our own knowledge, but will also check the latest studies to make sure that your content is accurate and current
  2. Adding references – we will add in-text citations and a reference list to back up and add weight to the statements made on your website
  3. Making changes where necessary – if we find information that is incorrect, we will rewrite it so that it is correct
  4. Proofreading – since we are going through your content anyway, as a bonus we will fix any spelling or grammar issues as we go. If we feel that there are other ways to improve the general readability and effectiveness of your content, we will let you know.

Once we are finished with the doctor review, we will provide the name and credentials of the writer that did the review, so that you can list the doctor as the author of your content.

What if you don’t have a website yet? If you are just starting to build your website and are looking for a doctor to write your content from scratch, we can do that as well. We aren’t just doctors, we are also a team of professional writers; therefore, whether you need a doctor review of existing content, or need content written from scratch by a doctor, we’ve got you covered.

Please contact us today to see how a doctor review can help improve your Google rank and add credibility to your website.