Can you really find a great science writer for five dollars? The simple answer to that question is: NO, you cannot find a great science writer for five dollars! Sure, there are sites out there, such as Fiverr, that are advertising science writing services or medical writing services for five dollars; but if what you are looking for quality and expertise, you are not going to find it for five dollars.

Reasons for Finding a Great Science Writer

I’m guessing that if you are looking for a great science writer it is for one of two reasons:

1. Launching New Product or Service

You have a great new product or service that can be backed by science, and you need someone to take the scientific data and translate it onto the written page in such a way that it will be understandable and appealing to a lay audience and help them to see the benefits of purchasing what you are offering

2. Publishing Research in Scientific Journals

You are a researcher or scientist who is looking to have your research published in a peer-reviewed journal and need someone to write up your findings in a way that will get it accepted to your chosen journal.

One thing is sure, if you want to accomplish your goal you need a great science writer that has the right education and experience for scientific manuscript writing and editing. Ideally, your great science writer should have a science degree. That way you know that they will be able to find and understand the scientific studies needed to complete your project. Of course, not everyone with a science degree is necessarily a good writer though. Therefore, in addition to scientific education, your science writer should have proven writing experience.

We are a team of American PhD and MS level science writers, with degrees in everything from Biomedical Sciences to Neuroscience and Psychology to Pharmacology and Botany. In addition to the right education, our great science writers are all native English speakers who have extensive writing training and experience. We carefully test all of our science writers to make sure that they can deliver the quality that our clients need and deserve.

So, can you really find a great science writer for five dollars? Hope, you have already got the answer. You will never find a professional science writer at a cheap price. whether you are trying to get a paper published or just get the word out about your new product or service, contact us to see how our team of great science writers can help you accomplish your goal.