A manuscript editing service can help and save a lot of time of medical professionals. As a busy superior, you have too many things on your list.  Of course, your top priority is getting new manuscripts published!  The graduate students and post-docs are hard at work doing new studies and producing interesting data.

You have them write up their manuscripts, but then you have to put in a lot of time editing those manuscripts before they can be submitted to journals for publication. 

This is especially true if English is not the first language for some of the graduate students and postdocs.  While they may be incredibly talented and devoted, they definitely are not manuscript writers! So, they must need manuscript editing services and proofreading services.

These poorly-written manuscripts start to pile up on your computer’s hard drive, just waiting for you to edit them. However, editing these manuscripts seems like such a daunting task that you find yourself wanting to put it off.

If editing scientific manuscripts is not something you are good at, it may just be too overwhelming to even think about…so you keep putting it off.

How do I know your story so well? Because I’ve heard your story from several of our clients. You are not alone. This inability to quickly edit manuscripts is actually the case for most professors.

Let us help you edit manuscripts the way that we have helped so many of your colleagues. We could be the reason that competing labs are able to get so many manuscripts published each year! It’s time for you to catch up. Hiring PhD manuscript editors is the secret.

Here’s how our Manuscript editing works. You email us a copy of your manuscript (we’ll happily sign an NDA first if you want). We will take a look at the amount of work to be done and send you quotes for our 3 Levels of Manuscript Editing.

Level 1: Proofreading Manuscript

This manuscript editing service is a proofread, where spelling, grammar, and English usage problems are fixed to increase the clarity so it is easier to read and understand.  This includes looking for mistakes and correcting them.  This wouldn’t include any major changes or rearrangements to the manuscript.

Level 2: Level 1 + In-depth Manuscript Editing

In this phase, the proofread outlined above in Level 1 plus more in-depth editing to make major changes or rearrangements as necessary to improve the quality of the writing. 

This includes looking for any places where the science doesn’t make sense, and correcting it if possible, or making a note for the author on how to improve it (for e.g. missing references or explanations).

Level 3: Level 2 + Formatting and the EndNote References

In this phase, the edit outlined above in Level 1 and Level 2 plus formatting the manuscript and the EndNote references to match the style of the journal you plan to submit it to.

Once you pick the manuscript editing service that best suits your needs, we will get started.  You just need to authorize your university department to pay us from your grant or other budget and we’ll invoice them directly.

Then you can get back to your to-do list, while we edit your manuscript.  It will be done in anywhere from just a few days to 2 weeks.

Get Your Manuscript Edited By Our PhD Editors Teams

Email us now to get PhD manuscript editors for medical manuscript editing services and scientific manuscript editing services.  Our email address is at the top right of the page in a green box. You can send us your query using the contact form here. We will get back to you as soon as we get.