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    All parents want the best for their children. From the safest car seats to the most nutritious snacks, parents scrutinize every option before making a decision. Choosing a pediatric doctor

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    The United States government offers over 900 federal grant programs totaling more than $721B. In 2019, over half of that funding was awarded to healthcare research. Accessing a slice of

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    Medical writing is about developing and producing print or digital documents that specifically deal with healthcare or medicine. Medical writing is quite different from other forms of writing because it

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    Mental health used to be taboo. While much work still needs to be done to reduce stigma, many strides have been made. Advancements in both acceptance and treatment benefit a

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    |June 12, 2020|

    Introduction Digital fatigue or as it's playfully referred to as "Zoom Fatigue" is a direct result of professionals shifting their time from traditional activities to remote and purely digital experiences

  • 8(a) EDWOSB Certified Medical Writers Federal Contractors

    |November 21, 2019|

    The Med Writers is a federal 8(a) and EDWOSB certified firm, allowing us to receive sole-source awards up to $4M. We are also a MOSB, WOSB, and SDB. Our team