Some labs publish new papers every month and get millions in grant money. How do they do it? No, it’s not that those PIs work more than you do! So what’re then the secrets of successful grants and manuscripts of top biomedical PIs? The answer is, they possess skills like having a clear research plan, strong communication skills, and the ability to build and maintain a collaborative network of research colleagues. In this blog, let’s put our spotlight on these secret skills.

Secrets of Successful Grants and Manuscripts of Top Biomedical PIs

Their biggest secret: they leverage their time, doing what they and only they can do and delegate everything else to the right people for each task.

No one knows what you know – the big picture view, the why behind everything, all the details, the right papers to cite, where projects are going, etc. You always need to be the brains behind everything your lab publishes. Every paper and every grant application needs your input and feedback. But you don’t need to be the writer and/or editor for everything. It limits how many papers and grant applications you can do and stops your lab from growing.

Top PIs work with experienced scientific writers and editors, quickly giving them the information they need to properly write or edit their papers and grant applications. The PI reads each draft, gives input, and requests changes, then adds their finishing touches to the final draft. 

Following this process, the success rate of grant publication improves a lot. Give this technique a try. The Med Writers is a team of biomedical PhD scientists trained as scientific writers, and available to help write or edit your lab’s papers and grant applications.

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