Dietary supplements have become a multi-billion-dollar industry, with supplement formulations available to help with just about anything, from losing weight to boosting cognitive function to controlling diabetes, and everything in between. If you are going to start a supplement company, first you need to find a professional supplement formulator. Then you need to find a good supplement manufacturer which is very challenging. We are to help you find a good supplement manufacturer.

Supplement Manufacturer Scamming and Why Need Good One?

The New York Times would have you think that supplements are useless, and a waste of money, but hundreds of studies have shown otherwise; however, caution is in order. As with any other industry, there are some unscrupulous companies and people in the supplement industry. One investigation by the New York State Attorney General’s Office found that several supplements sold at major retailers made label claims that were false. Several did not contain the number of active ingredients claimed, and in some cases, did not contain the ingredients at all.

Dietary supplements

If you are a small supplement company that contracts out the manufacturing of your products, reports like these are worrisome. You’ve paid an expert to create a custom supplement formulation for you, or you’ve paid to private label an existing formulation, and you don’t want that investment to be for naught. You want to make sure that you are selling a quality supplement that actually contains what the label says it contains.

How The Med Writers helps to find A Good Supplement Manufacturer

It’s hard to find a good supplement manufacturer if you are new in this industry. You have to go through trial and error methods to get the best one but you can as well avoid common supplement formulation mistakes with proper resources. The Med Writers has been in the supplement game for several years and can recommend a good supplement manufacturer that will turn out a quality product for you. If you already have a supplement manufacturer and are worried about the quality of your product, we can also recommend a third-party lab that you can go to, to have your supplement tested.

Don’t leave the reputation of your company in the hands of a manufacturer; make sure they aren’t cutting corners on your product. Contact us today for help in finding a good supplement manufacturer.