Get Fact Checking, Updating References, and Annotation Services

Do Your Document Needs to be Updated?

Do you have a document that needs to be updated so that your legal department will approve it for continued use? Many of our corporate clients have marketing or educational documents that need to be checked and updated. This is necessary because there may be relevant new studies that have come out since the client’s document was written.

  • We help by doing fact-checking and updating the references in your document so that it is up-to-date with current discoveries.

  • It is often required to add annotations throughout the document to show what reference or source each fact is taken from, and where exactly within that reference the information is located. All of these things are usually needed to get the legal department to approve the document for current use. And we do annotations for your document.

Our Experience in Providing Fact Checking, Updating Reference, and Annotation Services

We have lots of experience in all of these areas. We have done fact checking, reference updating and annotating for several clients, hundreds of times. We have worked with Word documents, PDFs and PowerPoints. Sometimes it is marketing materials, sometimes it is educational material for sale reps, sometimes it is website content. No matter whether it be medical marketing writing or medical technical writing we’ve done them all. You can trust our team of medical writers to get your corporate documents ready to use and approved by legal.

Industries We Serve

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pharma, biotech or healthcare company or a medical writing or marketing agency; we’ve worked for them all. Our team of PhD scientists and MDs understand your company’s products or services, and are well equipped to do your fact checking, update your references and annotate your corporate documents. We spend all day in PubMed, looking up and reading studies to find the perfect studies to reference in projects. We are experienced at fact checking, updating references and annotating.

Contact us now with information on your project, your deadline and your budget. No timeline is too tight! We’ve worked on projects that are due the same day or next day. We always have some team members available for rush projects and urgent requests.