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Need a Health or Medical Copywriter?


  • Frustrated with writers who don’t understand your product or service
  • Spending a lot of time or money editing the text they write
  • Not getting with any return on your investment into marketing
  • Producing marketing for clients that is not converting
  • Spending your time micromanaging writers

The Med Writers 7-Step Knowledge-Based Marketing System

STEP 1. Define scope and topics.

  • Determine the exact scope of the project
  • Pick the best topics for the content
  • Know upfront exactly what needs to be done
  • Ensure the content is written on the correct topics
  • Make sure you won’t have to go back and make big changes later
  • Choose from out list of different types of content (copy, articles, blog posts, e-books, social media posts, etc.)

STEP 2. Perform literature searches.

  • Research the topics in the medical and scientific literature
  • Find the best studies on the chosen topics
  • Compile information that is credible and based on studies not conjecture
  • Provide the basis for well-researched and well-referenced web content
  • If necessary, do patent searches to see any limitations

STEP 3. Do keyword research.

  • Pick keywords for each topic that has the most traffic with the least competition
  • Provide the best chance to get to the top of Google
  • Discover keywords that will give the best results

STEP 4. Write the content.

  • Write the content for each topic based on the research
  • Produce well-written content

STEP 5. Search engine optimize.

  • Search engine optimize each topic to ensure correct keyword density
  • Do not compromise readability
  • Ensure the content will get to the top of Google

STEP 6. Final editing.

  • Send to you for feedback and comments
  • Make edits accordingly
  • Ensure everything meets your approval and expectations

STEP 7. Post content online.

  • Submit the content to where it needs to go based on the decision in step 1
  • E.g. send to your webmaster or IT person
  • E.g. post on your WordPress blog
  • E.g. submit press releases to PR sites
  • Aloeride
  • biOasis
  • Cocofina
  • Enzymus
  • Fertility Scope
  • Gano Excel
  • Hyalogy
  • Invitria
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • One Source Stop Loss Insurance
  • Oral Breeze
  • Smooth Toe
  • Whole Herbal