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8(a) EDWOSB Certified Medical Writers Federal Contractors

The Med Writers is a federal 8(a) and EDWOSB certified firm, allowing us to receive sole-source awards up to $4M. We are also a MOSB, WOSB, and SDB. Our team of Ph.D. scientists and doctors write and edit grant website content, proposals, manuscripts, articles, systematic reviews, white papers, presentations, slide decks, posters and more. Most of those types of projects are in the NAICS code 541990: all other professional, scientific and technical services. We also write articles, blog posts, press releases plus other types of web content, which can be in the NAICS code 541820: public relations agencies.

The federal agencies we currently serve as prime federal contractors include the Department of Health and Human Services (specifically NIH) and the Department of Defense (specifically Army MEDCOM). We are open to working with other agencies and offices as prime or sub.

Our company is happy to bid on contracts as prime or sub and are open to teaming arrangements, joint ventures, mentor-protege, and other agreements. We work in many additional NAICS codes that are not listed above. Please contact us to discuss your federal contracting or subcontracting needs.

Medical Writing SEO

Doctor Review Or Doctor Authors Gets Google Rank

What can you do to drive more traffic to your site? We all know about the value of SEO, but did you know that having a doctor review and approve your content actually helps with Google rank? That’s right, Google likes to see that a doctor was the author of your content.

A doctor review doesn’t just help with Google rank though. It gives your website credibility. People need to know that what they are reading came from a trustworthy source, someone who knows what they are talking about. Having a doctor as author does that.

Here at The Med Writers we have several doctoral biomedical scientists and medical doctors that are well qualified to provide a doctor review of your health-related content and be listed as author.

Our doctor reviews include the following:

  1. Fact checking – we will go through your content to make sure that all of the information is correct. We won’t just rely on our own knowledge, but will also check the latest studies to make sure that your content is accurate and current
  2. Adding references – we will add in-text citations and a reference list to back up and add weight to the statements made on your website
  3. Making changes where necessary – if we find information that is incorrect, we will rewrite it so that it is correct
  4. Proofreading – since we are going through your content anyway, as a bonus we will fix any spelling or grammar issues as we go. If we feel that there are other ways to improve the general readability and effectiveness of your content, we will let you know.

Once we are finished with the doctor review, we will provide the name and credentials of the writer that did the review, so that you can list the doctor as the author of your content.

What if you don’t have a website yet? If you are just starting to build your website and are looking for a doctor to write your content from scratch, we can do that as well. We aren’t just doctors, we are also a team of professional writers; therefore, whether you need a doctor review of existing content, or need content written from scratch by a doctor, we’ve got you covered.

Please contact us today to see how a doctor review can help improve your Google rank and add credibility to your website.

Medical Writing SEO

3 Tricks to Write Content That Ranks

Everyone wants their content to rank at the top of Google searches. But so few people can do it. Marketers all say that it’s all about keyword research and picking keywords with high search traffic and low competition. But you’ve probably done that and still don’t write content that ranks. Why? Your content is stuffed with keywords, your topic is exactly the same as other articles that rank and it’s not interesting or fun to read.

It’s actually simple to write content that ranks. Stop overthinking it. Get back to basics. Here how you write content that ranks. It’s just like writing a winning essay when you were in school.

#1 Pick a unique topic – DON’T write about the exact same thing everyone else is.

You can write on a subject that’s popular but you need a unique twist in order to get your content to rank. For example, I am a medical writer so when I need a unique topic I browse the National Library of Medicine and Science Daily to find recent studies in my chosen subject area that have new, different or unexpected findings. Because they are recently published, I know there won’t yet be any or many articles written about them. If you’re in a less factual and more creative space, then use your imagination and come up with something crazy-fun. Be like my favorite stand up comedian Kevin Hart and invent an engaging story about a deerbra (a deer in front and zebra in the back!). Either way, having something that isn’t in 100 other articles will help you get Google rank.

#2 Use statistics, studies, data, quotes or some kind of facts.

Everyone else is just writing off the top of their head. In my medical-related articles, I mention and even cite actual studies. When I say “An August 2016 American Journal of Psychiatry study shows that correcting a depressed person’s metabolic deficiencies may improve depression symptoms,” the reader doesn’t doubt for a second that what I am saying is true. Facts, when presented in an interesting story, help the reader believe the author.

#3 Show the author’s degrees, experience or something that gives credibility.

This one is easy for me and my company – we all have a PhD, MD, ND, DC or RN degree. Putting the author byline with degrees is a plus in the Google algorithm that calculates page rank. A medical article authored by a doctor will get a higher Google rank than the same article with no author listed or an author with no medical degree. Don’t despair if you don’t have a degree. In your author byline, outline your experience with the topic. If you’re trying to write computer repair content that ranks, then in your byline write that you have 20 years of experience repairing computers. Whatever you’ve done, written or experienced that makes you credible on your topic needs to be in your author byline.

I know this is work. It’s not like copying other people’s articles and changing the words around a little. But it’s worth it. It gets first page and sometimes even number one Google rank for the articles I write for myself, my company and my clients. Try it. And if you need help with anything at all, email me at or check out some of the services we offer.


Medical Writing SEO

Are Your Clients Getting The High Google Rank They Want?

Creating medical SEO keywords is both an art and a science. Clients pay well to receive high rankings but there are no guarantees with medical SEO. Yet I’ve consistently seen the articles that my company writes get a high rank. We’ve cracked the medical SEO keywords formula. We write unique, well-written, interesting articles that receive high ranking in the search engines. I’m not talking about articles and websites stuffed with medical SEO keywords that no one can read or would want to read. I’m talking about articles that not only have high google ranking, but convert readers into customers.

We recently wrote over 100 articles for a new pain management website being built by a medical marketing agency. Since the launch of the website, they have 185  medical SEO keywords ranking on page #1 of Google and 173 medical SEO keywords ranking on page #1 of Bing. These readers converted into customers for their pain management clinic.

Contact us now to see how our PhD scientists/writers can help you get these types of search engine rank results for your clients.

Medical Writing SEO

SEO Articles: Case Study

Below is a SEO case study in the form of a testimonial from one of our current clients Nikki Steele of Boost Medical.

We presented The Med Writers with the challenging goal of producing over 100 articles in the space of just a month, with a follow-up project of more in-depth (5,000 word) articles the month following that. We needed these articles to help us quickly gain a presence in a new market for a medical clinic we were opening. All articles had to pass a strict Copyscape test, adhere to our deadlines, and fit our budget. Since launching our website that is comprised mostly of content written by The Med Writers, we now have:

• 185 keywords ranking on page #1 of Google

• 173 keywords ranking on page #1 of Bing

We were consistently impressed with the structure, layout, and research contained within these articles and have found that they rank very well in the short amount of time since we posted them. We expect to see even better ranking over time as our domain authority increases.

On all counts, The Med Writers were able to surpass our expectations and they are now one of our most trusted vendors for writing high-quality, medical content for the web.

If you have a need for SEO articles, email us at right away or Request a Quote and get started.

Medical Writing SEO

Medical Writers That Are Great At Search Engine Optimization – Can It Be True?

Unless your website is advertising a very specialized, unusual product or service, the odds are that you have a lot of competition. Therefore, you recognize that if you want potential customers to be attracted to your site, rather than the hundreds of others that may offer a similar product or service, you need to have your website effectively optimized for the right keywords using SEO. Herein lies a SEO challenge though; if you have a medical or health-related site you want to make sure that you hire a great medical writer, someone that really understands your product or service, but a lot of medical writers don’t know much about SEO and are not great at search engine optimization. So your only option is to hire two different people, right? One to do the writing and one to do the search engine optimization. Wrong!

You don’t need to waste your time and money hiring a medical writer and an SEO expert. Here at The Med Writers, not only are we professional medical writers but we are also trained in search engine optimization techniques. How can you be sure of that? Well, no doubt the reason you are at our site right now is because you Googled a particular keyword or phrase and found us on the first page or even in the first position in your Google search. So okay, we are medical writers who know how to do search engine optimization. But what does that mean for you and your SEO?

  1. You save time – Because our medical SEO writers can do both the writing and the search engine optimization, you don’t have to waste your time posting SEO jobs and going through applications for an additional person
  2. You save money – Any business person knows that anytime you can combine services you end up with savings
  3. Your SEO website content will sound great – Because a lot of people who work in search engine optimization are not writers, they do not know how to optimize your content well while keeping the flow and readability at a premium, but our SEO medical writers do

If you are looking to save time and money plus have great sounding SEO content that will attract visitors and turn them into customers, you need to contact us right away to see how our medical SEO writers can help to make your website search engine optimization a success.

Finding Medical Writers Medical Writing SEO

Medical Copywriters – Do They Really Exist?

As the manager of a medical writing business, I know how hard it can be to find professional medical writers who can write convincing sales copy. Usually, someone is either a great medical writer or a great copywriter, but not both (a great medical copywriter). Fortunately for you, we have already done the legwork, and found a few of those rare talents – professional medical copywriters. That’s right, some of our best medical writers can do both.

I think our tagline says it all as to why we are the perfect fit for any of your professional medical copywriting projects.

“Science Writing That Sells. By Doctors, For People.”

Basically, every professional medical copywriter at The Med Writers understands both the science and how to sell it. Let’s be honest, how many other Ph.D. medical copywriters know the science behind your product or service so as to be able to write both authoritatively and convincingly about it?

It is a fact that it is the words on your website, brochure or email that sells your product or service, and if those words aren’t convincing, then all chances of getting sales are gone. Therefore, it is not only important, but vital, that you hire the best medical copywriter to take care of all of your medical copywriting needs. A regular medical writer or a regular copywriter is not going to cut it. If you want to BOOST SALES, you have no choice, you MUST hire a good MEDICAL COPYWRITER!

The Med Writers is a team of Ph.D. and Masters scientists trained as professional medical copywriters. We are scientists and medical writers, however, most importantly, we are good medical copywriters.

Our best medical copywriters have written sales copy for hundreds of health-related products and services for websites, brochures and email campaigns. Contact us and see how our medical copywriters can make your product or service stand out from all its competitors, simply by using the right words.

Medical Writing SEO

High search engine ranking for medical and health sites–How?

You’re looking for a medical writer who knows search engine optimization (SEO) to help you get a high search engine ranking for your website. There is no doubt that there is stiff competition on the Internet for websites in the medical and healthcare niche. If you are publishing medical or health-related content on the Internet, you are far from alone. There are millions of other sites promoting health-related products or services. How do you make sure that your website gets a high search engine ranking and doesn’t end up on page 100 of your prospective customers’ Google searches?

A key factor in making sure you receive a high search engine ranking is choosing your medical writer carefully. That means hiring an expert medical writer experienced in SEO. Here’s the reason why. If you hire just any freelance writer to write your medical or health-related content or articles, they will simply search the web for information. Therefore, you are just going to end up with a bunch of rehashed information. While they may do a great job with SEO that initially will help your search engine ranking, the content will not be any different than any other site. What often gets medical and health sites a high search engine ranking is content that isn’t found on lots of other sites. You want people to go to your site and find the content helpful so they stick around to see more and even come back again.

What you need is a medical writer with access to medical journals and publications that provide all of the latest medical studies. Of course, this medical writer also needs to know how to find the best studies and facts to present in your articles and the ability to read them and extract the most relevant information.  Also make sure your medical writer can write this information up so it is clear and easy for your intended audience to read and understand. If your medical writer is all those things, then the result will be content that will be different then all the other stuff that is floating around out there. And you know what different means, right? It means that your medical content, because it is unique, will stand out, and it will receive a high search engine ranking.

Of course, in addition to providing great content, a professional medical writer will also know how to properly place keywords for SEO in order to further increase your chances of receiving a high search engine ranking.

If you would like to hire an experienced medical writer who can increase your website’s search engine ranking by providing original and accurate content that is search engine optimized (SEO), look no further. The Med Writers is a team of PhD-level scientists with formal writing and SEO training. We have written content, articles, blog posts and sales copy for hundreds of  medical, dental, biotechnology and health websites. We have the knowledge and experience that you need to help you attain a high search engine ranking, to get more potential customers looking at your website.

For more information on why we would be the perfect fit for all your medical writing needs, click here. To find more information about our SEO writing services, please click here.