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Need Help Writing or Editing a Manuscript, Grant Application, Report or White Paper?

  • The majority of writers do not have the education or scientific knowledge needed to accurately write about your subject matter
  • Many writers will require a lot of hand holding from you, thereby wasting your valuable time and defeating the purpose for which you hired them in the first place, which was to save you time
  • Most writers have no clue about the formatting requirements for articles being submitted to peer-reviewed journals
  • It is difficult to find writers or editors that understand enough about your experiments to make suggestions for improvements
  • If your manuscript needs changes for acceptance by the journal, many writers will charge you extra to do the necessary edits

The Med Writers 7-Step Knowledge-Based Manuscript /Grant/ Report Writing System

STEP 1: Define project scope

  • Determine the level of writing or editing needed
  • Assess the level of data compilation needed
  • Decide on publication type (e.g. journal article, grant application, corporate report, white paper, informational report for investors)
  • For manuscripts, decide on the most suitable journal to submit to and for grant applications, decided on the most appropriate grant to apply for

STEP 2: Figure creation

  • Data compilation
  • Figure creation
  • Data interpretation

STEP 3: Literature searches

  • Find suitable references

STEP 4: First draft creation

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Figure inclusion
  • Formatting

STEP 5: Editing

  • Obtain your feedback
  • Edit as needed

STEP 6: Submission for publication

  • Submit to the journal for publication

STEP 7: Final editing

  • Editing based on reviewer’s comments
  • Make any requested data changes
  • Annals of General Psychiatry
  • BMC Developmental Biology
  • International Archives of Medicine
  • Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • Nutrition Journal
  • The American Journal of Pathology

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