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Healthcare Marketing Hacks

  Every healthcare marketing executive knows the value of good content and plans to invest in more content for their organization. Yet, knowing how to create that good content is so elusive for most of them. To help with that, here are some simple strategies for creating good healthcare content that gets traffic. This isn’t […]

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Doctor Review Or Doctor Authors Gets Google Rank

What can you do to drive more traffic to your site? We all know about the value of SEO, but did you know that having a doctor review and approve your content actually helps with Google rank? That’s right, Google likes to see that a doctor was the author of your content. A doctor review […]

Fact Checking, Updating References, Annotating

Do you have a document that needs to be updated so that your legal department will approve it for continued use? Many of our corporate clients have marketing or educational documents that need to be checked and updated. This is necessary because there may be relevant new studies that have come out since the client’s […]

Is Your Supplement Manufacturer Scamming You? How to Find a Good Supplement Manufacturer

Dietary supplements have become a multi-billion-dollar industry, with supplement formulations available to help with just about anything, from losing weight to boosting cognitive function to controlling diabetes, and everything in between. The New York Times would have you think that supplements are useless, a waste of money, but hundreds of studies have shown otherwise; however, […]

Sickle cell drug marketing success: the most overlooked strategy

July 2017 marked the first FDA approval of a sickle cell drug in 20 years. The product is called Endari, which is made by Emmaus Medical. Unfortunately, though, sickle cell patients were, for the most part, oblivious to the existence of this new drug. People with this rare, painful and life-threatening disease are anxiously awaiting […]

Gummy formulators: natural, vegan, sugar-free

Gummy multivitamins and other gummy supplements are a $1 billion industry currently. The industry is rapidly growing and will get to several billion quickly. To expand your current supplement brand, gummy products are the way to go. Having experienced gummy formulators are a must if you have never made gummies before. Big supplement brands like […]