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How To Become A Top Medical Marketing Agency

Great medical copywriters create the results that keep your clients coming back and make new clients line up to work with your medical marketing agency. The mistake comes in thinking that all great copywriters can write good medical copy. To be a great medical copywriter you need not just sales skills, but you need to […]

English/Spanish Translation Translation

Traductores Inglés/Español Especializados en Contenido Médico – Encuéntrelos Aquí

Posee un producto o servicio que le gustaría comercializar en Centro y Sur América, o a la vasta población hispanohablante en Norte América? O tal vez tenga alguna investigación importante que haya escrito que le gustaría publicar en ambos idiomas Inglés y Español?Si es así, entonces sin duda usted necesita de un traductor calificado que […]


Doctor Endorsements: You Don’t Have To Sign Away A Percentage Of Your Profits To Get One

In view of today’s competitive supplement market, and the ever growing number of well informed, health conscious consumers, you can’t just passively sit back and hope that your new supplement formulation will sell itself. Potential customers are going to want to see a reason to choose your supplement formulation over the competitor’s. You probably realize […]

Medical Writing SEO

Medical Writers That Are Great At Search Engine Optimization – Can It Be True?

Unless your website is advertising a very specialized, unusual product or service, the odds are that you have a lot of competition. Therefore, you recognize that if you want potential customers to be attracted to your site, rather than the hundreds of others that may offer a similar product or service, you need to have […]

Supplements Formulations

Formulating Your First Supplement Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

You recognize that the supplement market is sizzling right now and you want a piece of that pie. You’ve come up with a great idea for your first supplement, but where do you go from there? Any successful business owner will tell you that in order to get your new business off to a great […]

Supplements Endorsements

How To Find A Reputable Doctor To Endorse Your Company’s Supplements

Is your new supplement formulation not getting the sales that you expected it would? A doctor endorsement for your supplement may be just what you need to help convince your potential customers that your product is safe and effective, and therefore worth their hard-earned money. But where do you find a reputable doctor to endorse […]