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3 Tricks to Write Content That Ranks

Everyone wants their content to rank at the top of Google searches. But so few people can do it. Marketers all say that it’s all about keyword research and picking keywords with high search traffic and low competition. But you’ve probably done that and still don’t write content that ranks. Why? Your content is stuffed with […]

Need a medical scientist expert witness?

Often in legal cases involving issues surrounding health, medication or healthcare, hiring a medical scientist expert witness to prepare evidence and/or testify can make the difference between winning or losing the case. The doctor or medical scientist being used as the expert witness would do some literature searches in the National Library of Medicine and […]

Biggest Mistake Made When Hiring Medical Writers

In my medical writing company, I only hire writers with a medical degree – PhD, MD, ND, DC etc. These writers all are in or have been in a position where they have done research or dealt with treating patients’ health problems firsthand. That makes them better able to understand the client’s work that needs […]

Supplement patent application writers

There is no doubt that the supplement market is booming, which is why you’ve decided to get a piece of the action and formulate your own supplement or supplement line. In such a saturated market though, you may be looking for a way to get an edge over the competition. To accomplish this, some companies […]

Cut out the Middle Man

Who is the Middle Man? The middle man is a person or company that serves as the go-between for you (the client) and your medical writing service provider (i.e. The Med Writers). You explain to the middle man what you envision for your medical writing project and they, in turn, relay the message to  your […]

What Is A Biotech Writer And How Do They Benefit Biotech Companies?

A biotech writer is a science writer who is trained in biotechnology; typically with a PhD in some area of the biomedical sciences such as molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry or nanotechnology. There are biotech writers who specialize in different areas such as manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication, white papers, regulatory documents, protocols or even […]