Using the Essential 7 Ps of Healthcare Marketing to Attract Patients and Build Loyalty
Healthcare Marketing

Using the Essential 7 Ps of Healthcare Marketing to Attract Patients and Build Loyalty

Stand out from your competition by using the 7 Ps of healthcare marketing: product, price, place, promotion, patients, packaging, positioning. The goal is not only to attract new patients by piquing their interests but also to build trust and nurture existing relationships. Healthcare marketing now centers on the quality of treatment offered to the patient. […]

Healthcare Video Marketing Ideas to Get Traffic to Your Site

7 Powerful Healthcare Video Marketing Ideas

Your business or institution needs healthcare video marketing. Videos as a marketing tool have been extensively used in the healthcare sector effectively. Add healthcare video marketing into your plans, strategies, or goals. Videos can be easy to record and upload, and useful for growing the business. Online videos have now gained an important place in […]

Healthcare SEO Best Practices
Healthcare SEO Healthcare Marketing Medical Writing SEO

Ultimate Guide to the 5 Healthcare SEO Best Practices

The 5 healthcare SEO best practices are content, keywords, HTML, architecture and links. It sounds intimidating but we will break it down to show you what to do and what not to do.

healthcare email marketing strategy
Email Marketing Healthcare Marketing

9 Strategies To Do An Effective Email Marketing For Healthcare Provider

Why Healthcare Providers Should Do Email Marketing? Healthcare email marketing directly increases a healthcare facility or hospital’s revenue. Sending emails to existing and prospective patients can attract new patients while also retaining existing patients. Build Relationship With Patients Outside of Healthcare Facility Doctors, clinics, and hospitals need a way to form and build a relationship […]

Hire Copywriter With Scientific Knowledge
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12 Reasons To Hire A Copywriter With Scientific Knowledge

Communication is important in any company or organization. Otherwise, how will your audience know about your product or service or understand how to apply new scientific discoveries to their lives? In fact, communication is so important that most pharma and healthcare corporations hire copywriters who are scientists. They are looking for a great copywriter with […]

Can your medical writer be a liability?
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Can your new medical writer be a liability?

The short answer is yes. When you hire a medical writer, that writer’s work is selling your company’s product or service to the world. An improperly trained medical writer can unknowingly write a statement or claim that leads to a lawsuit, an FDA or FTC penalty or a damaged reputation for your company. Knowing that […]

Do you struggle with medical manuscript edits?
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Do you struggle with medical manuscript edits?

Some of our clients are doctors, university professors, corporate research scientists and even military researchers that are publishing research and review medical manuscripts like clockwork. Their secret? They pay for a medical manuscript edit to improve their paper before submission and to make the reviewers’ suggested edits after submission. You can too. A successful manuscript […]

types of medical writing - Glossary
Medical Writing

The ultimate guide to types of medical writing: 50 project types

There are many different types of medical writing projects we get asked to do. Each different type of medical writing project has a specific purpose and potential audience. These types of medical writing projects can be for either technical or marketing documents. The types of medical writing projects can range from short social media posts […]

Medical Journals
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Top 25 Most Prestigious Medical Journals

There are many medical and scientific journals but only a few are the most prestigious medical journals. For any area of specialty or field of study, there are most likely multiple publications competing for the title of “go to” authority. So when you are picking out a journal, whether it is as a credible source […]